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  • New POP'D Products

    See what new products are in store at the Pop’d Shop

  • The Year of Placing Purpose First

    Today we bring you our amplified social mission. It’s still Popcorn With a Purpose. We’ve just got a little more POP.

  • The Year Of Taking Flight: Popcorn, Get Your Popcorn Here!

    There are a few big announcements to make today. First and foremost, you can now get Popped Culture popcorn online. Secondly, the Popped Culture stand at the Broad Street Market relocated. Read on to find out more.

  • The Year of Taking Flight

    The “Year of Progress” is in transition. Now we have our sights on a new mission, but since it’s our first year in, let’s recount where we’ve bee...
  • The Year Of Progress: Part II

    Pivotal Moments are special Significant life events don’t occur everyday; they’re special and require work to achieve. I have achieved a number ...
  • The Year Of Progress: Part I

    Working with Penn State Harrisburg and finding a place to call home. This is the first update on the Year of Progress for Popped Culture.