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The Year Of Progress: Part II

Pivotal Moments are special


Significant life events don’t occur everyday; they’re special and require work to achieve. I have achieved a number of significant life events in sports and in school. Now these events are occurring in my professional career. It took a good deal of risk, a lot of faith, and unwavering persistence to get to this point.

The other week I spoke in the Sports and Arts in Schools Foundation Speakers Bureau Speak Week event where I outlined to middle school students the positive influence that sports and education have had in my life. While preparing for the event, I came across an article congratulating Central Dauphin High School for winning the State Track & Field Championships title in 2004. I was on that team along with a number of stellar athletes.


The words from the article are more meaningful to me now than they were then. Let me paraphrase: It took the Central Dauphin School District 50 years of trying to win one state title, but it took Coach G. Thomas Eck and his team only two years to win the school's second state title.

State athletic titles are tough to win. Growing a socially responsible business may be even tougher. But, I’m up for the challenge. After all, I have your support.

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