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The Year of Taking Flight


The “Year of Progress” is in transition. Now we have our sights on a new mission, but since it’s our first year in, let’s recount where we’ve been! In 2015, Popped Culture:

  • Provided 500 snacks to local children in afterschool programs,
  • Operated in an environmentally friendly way by locally sourcing ingredients and minimizing packaging waste,
  • Teamed with Penn State master’s degree students, and
  • Supported partners with similar purposes such as the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, Harrisburg School District, and Friends of Midtown.


The keys to Popped Culture’s success, thus far, are obvious to see. They grow from our desire to help kids in the community. 

We’ll continue this tradition of progress in the New Year, now that 2016 is here. Step away from our winter inactivity, to move up and up like a tree growing unconditionally.

Let’s see how well we succeed when we go beyond giving snacks to kids in need. We’ll take them to new heights as we follow the sunlight. Since the world is our oyster, and our eyes are on the prize, you better pay attention or you might get surprised.

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