Puerto Rico Lo Hace Mejor

And our sodas prove it.

A view from the jungle in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Does It Better

La Isla del Encanto doesn’t just have good looks. The humid and lush mountains along with the arid coastal areas makes this island rich with the juiciest and sweetest fruit on Earth.

Puerto Rican Farmer Holding Oranges

From Farm To Can

Each soda helps to support local agriculture, ensuring a more food-secure and sovereign island. This means we can deliver you the boldest flavor, with less sugar, for sodas that are just… better.

Always Small-Batch

Flavors that Pop

Relaxing with a Glass of Orange Soda at the Beach

WHOLE INGREDIENT. Not from concentrate.

Freshly pressed real fruit juice in every soda. Sparkling water and plant based ingredients to hydrate the body. Soda without the guilt.

Relaxing with a can of rose soda at the beach.

IT'S A PARTY. For your mouth.

Whereas other brands hint at flavor and even more are "essenced" with flavor, we PUNCH you with it. For the party vibe without the alcohol.

Meet Our Growers

Organic hand picked seasonal produce.

Fresh Ingredients from Puerto Rican Farmers

Finca Ilán Ilán

Jorgé is a master botanist. He and his family live on an 8 acre farm, their agro-ecological gem in San German, Puerto Rico. They produce jamaica flower (hibiscus flower), vanilla, juices, and much, much more.

Revolutionize Agriculture.

Image of Puerto Rican Farmer at Finca Ilan
Image of Female farmer in Puerto Rico at House of Zen

House Of Zen

Carrilyn and her fiancé Simon run House of Zen in Vega Baja, a combination farm and retreat for entrepreneurs. They grow hibiscus for us, along with bananas, plantains, herbs, aloe, tropical flowers, good vibes, and more.

Zen Out.

Sandra Farms

Domenico, Israel, and the one and only Sandra own 200 acres in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. They grow Puerto Rican coffee beans, cacao for chocolate, and citrus (lemons, limes, and oranges).

Sandra Farms.

Puentes Naturales.

Image of Farmer Holding a bag of oranges.

A little bit about us…

Yeah, we’re kinda silly.

And proud of it.

After founding a publication advocating for emerging and local artists, and creating Public Art programs that hire local artists, it’s safe to say Sophie has a passion for the power of all things local. As a first generation Boricua, she brings that same passion back to the island to support the local food ecosystem.

Image of Woman spilling a drink on herself.
Image of man in a popcorn outfit.

Energy Attorney Turned POPrietor

Mark left his career in Public Utility law to pursue his passion for providing wholesome and sustainable snacks. In 2017, the little Popped Culture market-stand in Harrisburg, PA expanded and relocated to Lancaster, PA to become The Pop’d Shop.

For the body, the mind, and the Earth.

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