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The Year of Placing Purpose First

Welcome to spring Popped Culture fans. Spring's the time of year when the seeds planted last year start to generate, germinate, and blossom. That couldn't be truer for us. We've been working with the Social Enterprise Institute at Elizabethtown College since last fall, sowing seeds. Today we bring you the seeds we've sown: our amplified social mission.

We're PAIRING college students trying to make a difference in their community with highly motivated at risk high school kids. We’ll provide these young entrepreneurs with the OPPORTUNITY to receive precious mentorship experience, valuable life skills, and hands-on training in the fundamentals of business while providing an income. We’ll continue to support our cause by popping and selling sweet, artisan POPCORN with unique flavor combinations. It’s still Popcorn With a Purpose.® We’ve just got a little more POP.

We’re taking our POP-plans on a trial run. Soon you’ll meet Davion, a 14-year-old local student who approached Popped Culture during the planting stages. We happily welcome a new King of POPcorn. You’ll find him at the stand almost every Saturday. Stop by. Say "Hi."

I mentioned in my last blog post that I regained my passion and purpose after losing it. Now you can begin to see what that really means.

Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look just right. -The Grateful Dead

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