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All About Hibiscus

You read all about ginger in our last blog, so now it’s time for Hibiscus to take the stage!

This time we’re going into depth on what Hibiscus is, what it does, how it adds to our drinks, and why we chose to use this flower to add flavor. 

What is hibiscus?

Hibiscus is a beautiful flowering plant well known for its vibrant tropical flowers. They are seen growing naturally in many warmer climates, but local greenhouses also carry them so you can plant them indoors or outdoors during warmer months.

(Quick Tip: They add a ton of color to all of your gardening and landscaping ventures and projects).

pink hibiscus flower surrounded by green leaves

Hibiscus in food!

Hibiscus is used in food and can be dried and eaten as they are. Most dried hibiscus flowers have sugar added to make them more edible. The flower is used in many  teas, juices, and food garnishes. At Pop’D we use the flavor of this awesome flower right in our sparkling drinks! Oh—and we can’t forget to mention the pretty pink color that hibiscus gives our drinks! A win-win all around. 

Try it in our Hibiscus Ginger Ale

If you’re hankering to try hibiscus in a drink, look no further than our Hibiscus Ginger Ale. It has the best of both worlds—hibiscus and ginger—YUM! 

Once you’ve tried our Hibiscus Ginger Ale, you’ll want to know about the health benefits too. Just like ginger, hibiscus is also packed with nutrition and healthy stuff to keep your body feeling good. Some of the hibiscus we used is grown right on our island of Puerto Rico, and sourced from local farms like Finca Ilán Ilán. This way we know where we’re getting our healthy ingredients from and we know exactly what is going into our drinks. 

can of ginger ale soda, pink label, surrounded by lemons and strawberries


Health benefits

First of all, hibiscus is packed with antioxidants. You can reap these antioxidant benefits by drinking hibiscus in a tea or by drinking our hibiscus ginger ale! Antioxidants are wonderful for the body because they help in fighting free radicals.

Hibiscus also contains vitamin C which your body always needs. Vitamin C is important for your immune system (very very important during a pandemic). A healthy immune system helps you ward off illnesses and keeps your body functioning right. It’s also helpful in skin health, body cell function, and a ton of other great (healthy) things.

small brown dog on a picnic blanket with soda and fruit

Our other sparkling drinks pack a ton of health benefits as well! You can take a peek at them here. That's why we aren't like other soda companies. We focus on our ingredients, our quality, and you. We love bringing the facts and nutritional benefits of our ingredients to everyone so you know exactly what you're getting. If you missed our blog about ginger, check it out here!

Stay tuned for more fun and informative blogs and keep checking our social for exciting new things!

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