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What Is Ginger?

At Pop’d, we use ginger in a lot of our sparkling fruit drinks—specifically in our Ginger Lime SodaHibiscus Ginger Soda, and our Tummy Tamer. And as you know, our whole, flavorful ingredients are what makes us stand out. But did you know how good ginger is for you? We're letting you know—keep on reading!

So, to start off let's ask—What is ginger?

We all know what ginger is—it’s that funny looking root with the spicy flavor and wonderful aroma. It originated in southeast asia and has been used for a myriad of medicinal and food purposes for centuries. Not everyone is familiar with the health benefits, uses, and the complexity of it’s flavor, so we're making sure you get the scoop on this fun ingredient!

ginger root cut into cross sections with green tropical plants

The Flavor

First of all, the flavor! We can’t get enough of the aromatic spiciness of this root. It adds a kick to our drinks and helps balance out the sweeter flavors of our other ingredients. Ginger is used (ALOT) in baking and is used in many beverages, including ginger beer, real ginger ale (like ours), and tea.

Try it in our Ginger Lime Soda

Like we mentioned, we use lime in our Ginger Lime soda and we think the pairing of ginger and lime is a flavor dream. Unlike some commercial ginger ales, ours is packed with 100 percent REAL GINGER (Yay)! This means that you'll also reap the health benefits of this yummy sparkling drink.

can of ginger ale, on a table, floral chair in background

Why Ginger is Good For You: 

One of the best things about ginger—like we mentioned—are it's health benefits. We’ve mentioned in some of our prior blogs about the way ginger can help stomach issues and bloating. We’re mentioning it again because it’s so important! Ginger can be a great way to help bloating after a heavy meal or can also give you a slight boost of energy on days where you feel a little sluggish. 

ginger root, with green tropical plants

Ginger is also super helpful for nausea and car sickness. It can be used as an herbal substitute for an antiemetic drug—and antiemetic being a drug that helps with nausea and vomiting. Bring some along on your next road trip especially if you’re prone to motion sickness. If whole pieces of ginger aren’t your thing, bring a Pop’D drink on the road! The ginger in our drinks helps in the same way. 

Try it in our Tummy Tamer tonic!

Speaking of nausea and bloating—the name of this tonic says it all. Our Tummy Tamer tonic is packed with real ginger juice, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. Take one on a road trip to quell any motion sickness, or crack one open after a night of heavy drinking or eating and enjoy the amazing flavor it offers! 


can of ginger, lemon, cayenne soda, outside, in front of green trees

So many of our drinks offer both the flavor and the health benefits of ginger! We love this ingredient and love using fresh, local ginger in our sparkling drinks. 


If you’ve enjoyed one of our drinks with ginger, let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you. 


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