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POP Open a Can of Apple Cider Soda!

Forget pumpkin spice — we’re bringing you the best of fall flavors with our seasonal flavor, Apple Cider Soda! We’re just as excited as you to have you try this limited edition soda (because it’s fall y’all) that ushers in all of the flavors of this beloved season. So even if you’re living in warm, sunny Puerto Rico, you can still experience fall. In a can.


You have to taste this soda yourself to get the full flavor experience. We can compare our Apple Cider Soda to a brisk walk in a park on a fall morning—leaves scuttling across the pavement, the sun peeking through the brightly colored trees—you get the idea! 
Our Apple Cider Soda isn’t like the rest. We combine the best of both worlds using local Pennsylvania Dutch Kauffman’s Apple Cider with an array of spices, citrus juices, and a kick of ginger. Every single ingredient we put into this fabulous fall concoction is locally sourced from Lancaster Pennsylvania and Puerto Rican farmers— so you get that nice mashup of Lancaster County and our tropical paradise!
Here’s some fun facts about our apple cider soda — it’s super seasonal, which means it’s limited to only 500 cans, so make sure you don’t miss out on this one! Ellister’s Elixirs, located in Lancaster Pennsylvania is carrying our Apple Cider soda with 16mg of CBD, perfect for relaxing or quelling anxiety. If you’re living in the states, Pennsylvania to be exact, you can find this seasonal soda at the following locations: Slate Cafe, Sweet 717, Sweetish Candy, and Ellister’s Elixirs

Now that you have all of this wonderful information on our Apple Cider Soda, get Poppin’ a can and find out for yourself how delicious it is! Check out our other yummy products at the POP’D Shop Website! 
Grab one today! 

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