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Meet Mia! Our Social Content Creator

You know a lot about our sodas, so why not learn more about our fabulous Pop'D team! We have some super creative individuals doing all of the hard work, sourcing flavors, and creating content—so we’re bringing their personalities (and a little about themselves) to you!


 That being said, meet Mia! 

 Mia is the social media manager and content creator for Pop'D. She’s the one behind all of our fun Instagram posts and stories, not to mention a wizard at creating witty captions for our social posts. 

 We conducted some fun Q&A’s  with Mia to learn more about her and how she keeps the Pop'D brand poppin’! 


Q: What made you interested in POP’D and how did you find out about them? 

 A: Pop’d and I connected through Parallel 18, the accelerator program. They needed a digital marketing manager and I worked there! Pop’d reached out to me and once I read about their project I was immediately interested. Healthy lifestyle brands are my favorite kind of clients and when it comes to helping startups develop a digital strategy/ content for a product that’s natural, delicious, fun like Pop’d… c'mon!

 Q: Explain a little about your journey of working with social media.

 A: It’s one of those things you start doing out of nowhere. I was doing an urban design internship in Copenhagen and the design company had an urban cycling fashion blog called Cycle Chic. The blog was dying down so they asked me, the photographer, to help out  in my spare time by creating content and giving life back to the brand. I created the social media accounts and they were a success! A few months later, I came back home to PR, supposedly having finished a semester in an urban design internship, and started working at west elm as their social media manager. The rest is history! 

Q: When not working for Pop'D and other clients, what hobbies do you have in your free time? 

A: To be honest, I’m at this weird stage in my life where my work has morphed into my hobbies because I love taking photographs and creating videos everytime I see something beautiful. However, spending time with my dog Popi and eating pastries from a local pastry shop is also something I do a lot in my free time!


Q: Which POP'D product is your favorite?

 A: Hibiscus Ginger Ale! So much fresh ginger spice and juicy hibiscus goodness. I’m biased because that’s my favorite Iced Tea everywhere. I’m a harsh critic of anything ginger and hibiscus. I feel like a lot of people here on the island feel the same. 

(Cafe Regina’s @caferegina_pr and Cuatro Sombras’ @cafecuatrosombras Hibiscus Ginger Iced teas are amazing too! Check the out on Instagram!)


Q: What are some interesting facts about you that most people don't know?

A: My apartment is very modern but I really love antiques!I love being inside a room where every single piece is antique, the furniture, rug, lamps, wallpaper, paintings… I’m not sure that’s “interesting” lol but most people don’t know!


Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be? 

A: Communicating effectively to anyone at any moment no matter the circumstances. If somehow saying the right thing and the right time was a superpower, I would like to have that one!

We love that one, Mia! Stay tuned for more introductions and interesting facts about our next team member! In the meantime, take some guesses on who it will be!


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