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How to Make Orange Soda!

Yes you did read that right. You can make your very own orange soda at home, just like we do at Pop’D! 

Our Pop’D co-founder, Sophie, walked us through the process last month with a live video on Instagram. We’re showing off her skills here so you can try making this flavorful beverage at home!

(Say hi to Sophie! She's going to be showing you how to make orange soda in the video below).

Trust us—it’s a lot easier than it looks. Plus you can add in your own variations at home too! Try pairing orange with vanilla, or any other flavor that appeals to you.

Get creative! And if you do, feel free to share your creation with us and tag us on the gram at @theantisodaco. 

So here we go!

All you need for this recipe are some oranges, sweetener of your choice, and sparkling water! Also, having a cute dog around helps jazz up the process a bit. 10/10 would recommend.

And there you have it! You just learned how to make orange soda at home. The benefit of this is that the ingredients are simple and easy to get. This soda is also healthy and filled with fruit flavor, especially compared to many commercial soda brands and sparkling water products. 

(We can't get over how refreshing our orange soda looks....)


If you’re not a fan of creating in the kitchen, you can always check us out on our website and order your own stash of Who Luvs Orange Soda to keep in your fridge when the Pop’D cravings hit!

And who knows—you might enjoy creating soda recipes so much that you'll concoct your own special drink with it's own unique flavors. 


Stay Poppin'!

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