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Hello, New Year!

What a year 2020 has been and we’re so glad to see it go! Or are we? 

There have been so many things happening this year that it can be easy to overlook the growth and good things that have happened during 2020. We created a little yearly recap of all the things Pop’D has done this year—and we’re pretty proud of the results!

Moved to Puerto Rico!

Man and woman standing in a beautiful lush Puerto Rican forest. Man is pointing at a tree and woman is laughing.

As most of you know, we started production in Lancaster city, in Pennsylvania a few years back. We’re happy to say that this year we’ve permanently moved to Puerto Rico and even started our production there! We’re so thrilled with this seeing how our ingredients are sourced right from our lovely island.


Selling our Drinks on the Island

Colorful storefront in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania with the Pop'D shop logo on the window.

You’ve probably seen our sodas in PA and might remember our Pop'D shop storefront! We also still sell our products in some well loved local spots like Lancaster Central Market and other small businesses. In 2020 we started selling our Pop’D sodas in cafes throughout Puerto Rico. How cool is that? 


Accepted into P18 Business Accelerator

Man and woman wearing sunglasses, smiling and drinking soda.

Here’s a big one. This year we were accepted into the Parallel18 business accelerator program which promotes innovative entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico. Parallel 18 has so many amazing benefits for those looking to start up a business, so give them a peek HERE.


These are just a few major highlights of ours, and we’re also thrilled to have made some additions to our Pop’D team as well! We created some fun posts on social media—check out our Instagram account HERE—and we’ve also introduced a few of our team members and did some fascinating interviews with our own local farmers! 

Group of people sharing a holiday dinner outside.

We have so much in store for 2021 and can’t wait to bring you all of the things we have planned for the brand new year. 


What are some ways you grew, learned, or prevailed in 2020? Let us know in the comments—we're always happy to hear from our fans!


video of Pop'D soda cans being stacked on a colorful background.

Stay tuned for brand new content, live videos, more fun blogs, and so much more!

And cheers (with a Pop'D soda, preferably) to 2021!

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