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Harvest Punch: Another Great Pop'D Cocktail!

It’s tangy. It’s spicy. It’s a little sweet too! Introducing our latest spooky cocktail the Harvest Punch! Made with our very own Tummy Tamer tonic, this drink is sure to be a hit at your Halloween party or just enjoying it on your own.

What inspired us to create this spooktacular concoction? The FLAVOR. Mostly. Also the fact that Halloween is right around the corner. We whipped up a recipe for you so you can make this drink at home with just a few ingredients and our flavorful soda.


Harvest Punch: 

 1.5 oz vodka of your choice

.5 oz Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur

1 oz cranberry juice

Top off with Pop’D Tummy Tamer tonic.

Garnish with an orange peel or cut an orange peel into fun festive shapes like we did for this recipe!

Believe it or not, this cocktail also has some cool health benefits! Our Tummy Tamer tonic is made from 100 percent whole ingredients. We use ginger, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper in this one. This bubbly drink will soothe any bloating or stomach issues you might have, not to mention that ginger is great for nausea.

If you want to nix the alcohol from this recipe, simply combine equal parts of cranberry juice and Tummy Tamer to get the same great taste and spicy kick. The sweetness of the cranberry juice balances out the tangy spiciness of the tonic, making this the most delightful combination. 

So whether or not you’re hosting a Halloween get-together or fixing to sip on some drinks while watching scary flicks, this cocktail is perfect for any frightful night you have planned! Make sure you check out the rest of our tonics and sodas here—you’ll be poppin’ open a can every day!


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