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Getting Crafty with Pop'D Cans!

Don’t throw out those Pop’D cans just yet! We have some fun and crafty ideas for you to try before you ditch those cans. 

For this blog post we're crafting some sparkly plant planters! Because who doesn’t love plants—and glitter?

Even if you don’t have the greenest thumb out there, you can still plant a little love.  Forget buying expensive planters—trust us, they really do cost a ton sometimes. Just use soda cans instead! 

small green money plant in sparkly planter, crafted using soda cans

To add a little fun and sparkle to your home decor, we’re starting off by taking the soda can and cutting the top off. The edges of the can are usually sharp after cutting, so make sure you fold the edges down to prevent any cuts. A pair of heavy duty scissors will do the job just fine—or if you're handy with a knife, use that!

If you're crafting these planters with kids, make sure to supervise them when it comes to this step.

Next, pick up any color paint you prefer. We used a light yellow to go with the gold glitter paint topcoat. Paint the entire can and set to dry. Feel free to get creative with your paint color and glitter combinations. 

craft paints in two different colors, yellow and gold glitter

Once the can is dry, add some glitter! For this one we used gold glitter paint and large glitter flecks. You can also use regular glitter and have it stick to the can using a clear glue or the stickiness of the paint base layer. Glitter glue can also work for this layer. We found the glitter paint to be a little easier to paint on, so we decided to use that for this tutorial.

paint brush with gold glitter

Set the can to dry again. Once the top layer is dry, fill the can with a good potting soil. Take care to not let dirt stick to the glitter—it’s hard to wipe clean. If you want, punch a few small holes in the bottom of the can for water drainage.

Now for the finale!

Dig a small hole big enough for your plant, and set the plant in the can. Make sure to add a little water so the plant doesn’t get thirsty and dry out. 

green money plant in glittery plant planter

Voila! You have your own work of art succulent planter made out of a Pop’D can! 

Just an FYI: Small plants tend to work better in these planters.

Keep checking our blog for more crafty DIY tutorials with our Pop’D cans, and make sure to check out all of our different sparkling fruit drink flavors here

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