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Celebrate the Holidays the Pop'D Way!

We can’t believe Christmas is almost here—summer seems like it was just last week! We know things will be a little different this holiday season but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a festive and fun day at home (preferably with some yummy sodas). 

To add some fun and flavor to your special day remember that Pop’D soda goes well with anything you’re whipping up for your holiday feast. Bringing this poppin’, bubbly deliciousness to your table sets the stage for a fun and flavorful holiday!

(FYI, our Pop'D team does holiday dinners right).

We’ve created a little list of our favorite sodas that will bring some joy to your table. Keep reading to find out which ones we picked! 

Cardi Bee:

We could have picked this one for it’s name alone, but the flavor of this soda is spectacular for the holidays. The spiciness of the cardamom and the sweetness of honey combine to create a perfect festive drink to pair with your dinner. Skipping a traditional holiday dinner? Sip this soda with your favorite Christmas cookies. We promise you won’t regret it. 


Sparkling Coffee Tonic:

Who doesn’t love coffee? This sparkling tonic is brewed with real coffee with notes of caramel and vanilla—YUM! Add this to your holiday table for a unique and delicious spin on a typical cup of coffee. 

Who Luv’s Orange Soda:

We do. We love orange soda! This soda is amazing to serve alongside your festive feast. Add a splash of cranberry juice to this soda for the perfect Christmas-y flavor, and maybe add an orange peel garnish for some fun. YUM!

Tummy Tamer:

This one is a given. Sometimes we overindulge during the holidays and that’s ok! We all do. Add our Tummy Tamer to your holiday food and drink lineup to banish bloat and deliver some amazing flavor! 

All of our sodas are wonderful for serving on holidays or during any regular day too! Make sure you check out all of the other flavorful tonics and sodas we have to offer. Oh—and while you’re there, take a peek at our other blogs for some fun content and delicious recipes!

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