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6 Easy Ways To Reuse Your Empty Soda Cans + 1 Bonus

The coronavirus has many staying at home. And while you’re getting your work done during the day - you are getting your work done, right? - you might also find yourself pacing around looking for a DIY home craft idea.

So, reach for that refreshing, ice cold soda (or beer), but don’t toss it out when you’re done. Because we have something better than piling more cans into the recycling bin.

Cans are infinitely recyclable - take that plastic! - which means that most new cans are made of old ones. Taking your cans to a recycling center might put a few extra pennies in your pocket. But why not re-purpose aluminum cans (or single-use plastics) instead?

Environmental shepherds like yourself know the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” While we can’t help you with the reduction part until our growler fills are up, we’ve found some do-it-youself projects on Instagram, blogs, Pinterest, and Etsy that will help you reuse your beverage containers. After all, reusing canned drinks might be better than recycling.

6 DIY projects for empty soda cans (and one bonus)


1. DIY Planters

Cut off the top of your soda can carefully, fill, and place a plant in it. Easy-peasy! Or follow this link for a thorough blog post.


2. Soda Can Art

Smash that bad boy on the op and bottom then paint it. Heck yea! This might reduce some stress, too.) These cans have ties so you can hang them around town as street art.

3. Soda Can Jewelry

Why not make something you can wear? These earrings (beerrings?) use cut cans and earring hooks. Just make sure to add a soft backing so that you don’t poke yourself.




4. Soda Can Bird Art

So cool! Carefully cut off the can bottom and use a sharp blade to cut up the sides. Pinch a few together to form the head. Divide equal parts on the left and right and weave them together, leaving some on the rear as a tail.


5. Soda Can Illustration

Draw what you see, or use your can as a drawing prompt. Traveling Beyond Art brings attention to recycling.


6. Soda Can Incense Holder

Rinse the can, let it dry, turn the tab, and use it to hold incense. A nice fragrant cleanse for the house might be just what we all need.


Bonus Idea! Decorate A Koozie

You don’t wanna advertise for that insurance company anymore do you? Throw some paint on a koozie and glue some patches or gems to it. Make it yours!

We’d love to see what you’ve made. Share your creations with us on the web @HOWiPOP.

If you’d like to see more ideas or have a few of your own, please let us know in the comments below!

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