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Feeling Peachy

It’s peach season!

Millions of peaches. You know the song

Millions of peaches.

Peaches for THE!

Millions of peaches.

Will you share some with ME?


You may think peaches come from a can. Maybe you know they were planted by a man. But when you’re done workin’ at the factory downtown. You’re gonna wanna eat one.


Cuz you know I’m not making a peach cobbler…

Today we’re gonna tell you how to make an easy peach syrup and peach paletas (whole fruit popsicles). In our next post we’ll teach you how to make peach beverages like peach green tea and peach lemonade.


Easy Peach Syrup Recipe

Sprinkle one cup of sugar across the bottom of a small sauce pan.

Cut your first six (6) peaches making sure to miss the core. Then dice and toss on top of your sugar in the pan.

Add half of the lemon juice and stir to mix, after finishing your first six (6) peaches.

Then sprinkle the remaining cup of sugar on top. Repeat.

Let your mix sit for at least one hour, then strain into a quart size jar, reserving some syrup for the paletas. Refrigerate your mix for up to three weeks, or freeze for longer storage.


Easy Peach Popsicles

Get an ice cube tray. Get a popsicle mold. Maybe you’ve got some paper or plastic cups. A baking tray? Leftover yogurt containers. Whatever. Let’s not overthink it. Grab something to use a popsicle mold.

Spoon the peachy bits into your mold and lightly press down to compact

Repeat until full.

But not too full! These bad boys and girls might expand a bit when freezing, so keep that in mind.

Pour some of the reserved syrup on top to fill in the crevices. Tap the bottoms of the molds on the counter to remove any extra air bubbles. Then freeze.

If you’re adding sticks, you’ll want to add them about 45-60 minutes after you place the molds in the freezer. That’s it. Enjoy when frozen!


Speaking of which. My strawberry paleta from last week is melting. I think I’m gonna snack on it while I wait for these peaches to freeze. See you soon!


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