handcraft popcorn, soda pop, popsicles, and pop toast

Your Local Snack Shack

The Pop’d Shop is a wholesome snack shack, whipping up popcorn, sodapop, popsicles, and poptoast – all handcraft and made in-house. We take snacking seriously and don’t believe it should come at the cost of eating well. Every morning, locally sourced popcorn gets fresh popped and fresh ingredients are cooked into soda syrups then get made to order. All those fresh, and local ingredients could only culminate in a product that really pops like the Spicy Lime HOT MESS Popcorn or the LANC DRANK that includes fresh Orange, Lemon and Lime (Streets – I mean,) juice along with a splash of Red Rose Syrup (like the city).

 What’s the &@#! is Poptoast?

/päp tōst/ noun

Local jellies, jams and spreads in between two slices of local bread, pressed, sealed, and toasted. It’s like a pop tart, but healthy and on toast. It’s Poptoast!


Corn itself is the world’s most prolific grain, so what better way to have a conversation in food than through popcorn - a basic building block of human life.


Pop On In


Friday - Saturday 10AM - 9PM
Sunday 12PM - 5PM