handcraft popcorn, soda pop, popsicles, and pop toast


Popcorn and Soda Making 101

An unassuming storefront envelops you with aromas of freshly popped popcorn, baked bread, and caramelizing sugar. An unassuming POP-portunity awaits inside.


Experience Details

Pop popcorn on an old timey popcorn popper just like we do everyday. Juice citrus, cook syrup, and pour a craft soda to wash it all down. Learn why we do what we do. How we do what we do. And more! So that you can easily recreate our flavored popcorns and sparkly beverages at home. 

Are you looking for one of the most intimate, fun, and memorable things to do in Lancaster City?


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Popcorn & Soda 101

Recommended for 2-4 persons.

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