Popcorn & Soda 101

Popcorn & Soda 101


Recommended for 2-4 persons.

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Popping popcorn, crafting soda experience.


After a warm welcome and checking off a few ground rules, we jump right in with some basic kernels of popcorn knowledge. Pop popcorn on Lil’ Poppi, our old-timey popcorn popper, spice things up with our homemade toppings, and dance battle your way to popcorn glory (!!!) - or just snack on whatcha pop’d.

You're gonna wanna wash that popcorn down with an icy cold non-alcoholoic beverage. That's why we'll pivot and dive into a syrup making session. What makes our sodas unique? How can you recreate what we do at home? You’ll find out. Craft syrups and sodapop while you work our fountain like the Jerk you are! EXCUSE ME?! That's right. You'll become a certified JERK by the end of the day. Sign-up today to find out why that's a good thing.

Additional info

*minimum of two students*

Class Duration: 1-1.5 hours
Class Size: limited to 4 people
Booking: please book at least 2 days in advance
Class Location: 348 N. Queen St., Lancaster, Pa 17603

For more info: whatspoppin@thepopdshop.com