Easy Strawberry Soda


Hey fam! Thank you so much for pop’n in to snag some refreshing PINK DRINK (strawberry soda pop) and paletas these past few weeks. Since it’s strawberry season, we’ll have em for as long as Lancaster farms can grow em!

For me, I’m most amp’d about using only two ingredients to make the syrup, so it’s a really easy, flavorful strawberry taste.

Below we’re gonna share with you

  1. how we extract our strawberry syrup without heat,

  2. how we make a PINK DRINK, so that you can make strawberry soda at home, and

  3. how we make our strawberry paletas (strawberry popsicles) to keep the entire process almost entirely waste free.

 What you’ll need:

  • Two pounds of strawberries (about 2 quarts)

  • Two cups of sugar.

  • A knife,

  • A bowl or pot,

  • A wooden spoon or spatula, and

  • A bottle/jar for storage. 

How to make easy strawberry syrup

What to do:

Add one cup of sugar to your bowl or pot.

After rinsing your berries, cut and discard (compost?) the leafy green bits off the top. Chop those strawberries up into PINK-y to thumbnail sized bits. (See what I did there!?)


Add strawberries to the bowl on top of the sugar as you work. Stir when finished.


Smashed Strawberries

Next, layer another cup of sugar on top. Repeat the strawberry steps with the remaining pound of berries. Don’t forget to stir that good-good up when ur done!


Let your mix sit, covered, for at least an hour. The sugar will pull that dank juicy juice from the strawberries and start to form into a syrup.


Pour your syrup into a bottle or jar after an hour. Add it to everything from sparkling water to your gluten free pancakes and grass fed bacon. Oh yea!

Strawberry Syrup

how to make strawberry soda

Pink Drink Strawberry Soda

Looking to make a soda? No prob. We got you!

Put ice in a 16oz cup, cuz you know we want that ish to be cold.

Add 2oz of strawberry syrup to your cup. Top with sparkling water. BAM!

Interested in a refreshing twist? Add 1.5oz of lemon juice (juice from one lemon) to the mix to make a Gosh Darn Strawberry Lemonade. HECK YEA!!



Strawberry Paletas

First things first, we call them paletas because they’ve got whole fruit ingredients in them. Paletas are flavorful, full fruit popsicle. Give yourself a hand for learning a new word today. Already knew that? Give yourself a hand for making it this far down the page.

Ok, Those remaining strawberries? Don’t throw ‘em out you knucklehead!

Strawberry Popsicles

Instead, shmush them into an ice cube tray or popscile mold. Don’t over think it. Freeze em so you can savor them later.

Going the ice cube tray route? I find that one or two in my sparkling water make for a nice La Croix type drink.

Going the popsicle mold route? About 40-60 minutes after freezing you’ll want to put a stick in it.

Got questions?

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